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Accomodations near Bodrogolaszi

from 15.52 €/guest/night

Relax in the Zemplén Mountains geometric center, Tolcsva! A variety of programs to ensure... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
3 bed apartment (3 persons, 1 double bed)
62.07 €
6 bed apartment (6 persons, 2 double bed, max. 2 additional bed) 6 *
124.14 €

Hotels Tolcsva - Prokop Vendégház 's page

Kert Panzió - Sárospatak
from 14.81 €/guest/night

If the heart of the city, but quiet, cozy, green and want to spend their free time, then this hotel... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double room private (2 persons, 1 double bed)
59.26 €
Triple-room (3 persons)
81.48 €
4 bed room (4 persons)
96.30 €

Hotels Sárospatak - Kert Panzió 's page

from 23.33 €/guest/night

The Pension Sárospatak Rákóczi in the center of the Rákóczi út 30 S. below. Guesthouse opened... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Single room privat (1 persons)
53.33 €
Double room private (2 persons)
93.33 €
Triple-room (3 persons)
116.67 €
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Margareta Panzió - Sárospatak
from 12.96 €/guest/night

A PENSION MARGARETA the historical city of Sarospatak suburban part of a quiet, pleasant... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double room private (2 persons, max. 1 additional bed)
51.85 €

Hotels Sárospatak - Margareta Panzió 's page

from 35 €/guest/night

Zempléni foothills, Sárospatak a wonderful panoramic view, thermal bath is located next to... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Apartment / 2 rooms (6 persons, max. 3 additional bed) 6 *
140 €

Hotels Sárospatak - NEFELEJCS APARTMAN 's page

The famous Tokaj wines north of Sárospataktól 2 km from the vine-covered hills and the... More...

Hotels Bodrogolaszi - Bodrog-parti Vendégház 's page

Direct Bodrog river in Mediterranean-type house waiting for the leisure travelers as well as the... More...

Hotels Bodrogolaszi - MEDITERRÁN VENDÉGHÁZ 's page

Ew apartment - for 10 people - 200m2 - 6 bedrooms with double bed + 2 living room with sofa -... More...

Come to one of the most beautiful places in the Zemplén Mountains in the village, Erdőhorvátiba.... More...

Hotels Erdőhorváti - Rebeka Vendégház Erdőhorváti 's page

Balassi Vendégház - Sárospatak

Our guest house can accommodate 10 people. Self-sufficient, no staff, rest, relaxation aliens can... More...

Hotels Sárospatak - Balassi Vendégház 's page

Braun vendégház - Sárospatak

Complex in a quiet environment suitable for a family vacation cottage, which is located 200... More...

Hotels Sárospatak - Braun vendégház 's page

The resort is home to the famous historical city Sárospatak, thermal baths 100 m away 6 rooms... More...

Hotels Sárospatak - Thermál üdülőház 's page

Mezei fészek - Tolcsva

This is a bed and breakfast appartman in the garden of the restaurant. Sure it's quite, fresh, and... More...

Hotels Tolcsva - Mezei fészek 's page

Tolcsva tourist attraction of the monuments, a multitude of (churches and historic buildings),... More...

Hotels Tolcsva - Vilmos Vendégház 's page

Hercegkút is a Swabian village and it can be found near the river Bodrog in Northeast Hungary,... More...

Hotels Hercegkút - Apartman Hercegkút 's page